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The Brothers of 50statesofdrift

Team Owner: Dan Jakiela

Co-Owner: Doug Jakiela

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Doug Jakiela

  • Age & Location: 28, Arlington VA

  • Employment: Project Manager, Private Investments Group at Cambridge Associates, LLC

  • Duration at Cambridge Associates: 5 years

  • Drift Team Focus Areas:

    • Social Media Networking & Growth (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Website)

    • Website Design, Maintenance, & Promotion

    • Drift Event Database Growth & Maintenance

  • Brand Building & Social Media Owner:

    • Networking, Brand Building, & Maintaining Relationships with Current and/or Potential New Team Partners

    • Nationwide Drift Organization Organization Networking and Relationship Building

  • Drift Organization & Community Relationship Building

  • More on Doug:

    • Education: Doug graduated from Dickinson College in 2013 with a degree in International Business & Management

    • Employer: Doug works as a Project Manager within the Private Investments Group at Cambridge Associates, an investment Consulting Firm, where he focuses on database management, process improvement, data quality management, SOC compliance, and private equity investment analysis.

  • Additional Context:

    • Doug plays a lead role in event preparation and also plays the role of the pit crew during events






Dan Jakiela

  • Age & Location: 30, Detroit MI

  • Employment: Electrified Vehicle Integration Engineer at BorgWarner Inc.

  • Duration at BorgWarner: 6 years

  • Drift Team Focus Areas:

    • Driver

    • Car Designer & Builder:

      • BMW E30

      • BMW E46 M3

  • Drift Car Tow Rig Owner and Operator

  • Truck: 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually

  • Trailer Owner- 2-Car Enclosed Racing Trailer

  • Drift Organization & Community Relationship Building

  • More on Dan:

    • Education: Dan graduated from Northeastern University in 2012 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering

  • Additional Context:

    • Dan has been working on cars since he was 17 (he started at an independent BMW shop that specialized in SCCA race cars)

    • During Dan’s time with BorgWarner, he has worked in several different positions, including as an Engine Test & Development Engineer, where he amassed over 3500 hours of gasoline engine dyno tuning experience

    • Dan’s dream has always been to drift professionally

    • Drifting has been his focus for 6+ years now, allowing him to invest in all the necessary tools, transportation equipment, drift cars, & parts