SHell: 1987 BMW E30 Coupe

  • Body Upgrades & Details:

    • ODP Wide-body

    • Custom 6 in. Side Skirts

    • DTMFiberwerkz Rear Lip Spoiler

  • Bash Bars: Custom Front and Rear

  • Front End: Partial Tubular Front End

  • Roll Cage: Full Custom Roll Cage

  • Seats: OMP TRS Racing Seats X2

  • Seat Brackets: Garagistic (Billet)

  • Seat-belts: G Force Racing Seatbelts

  • Car Lights:

    • Front Lights: BMW OEM Projectors

    • Tail Lights: Black Aftermarked Tail Lights

    • Underglow: AliExpress, Multi Light Select

  • Wheel Spacers:

    • Front: 20mm 5x120 - 5x120

    • Rear: 6" 4x100 - 5x120

Transmission & Suspension

  • Transmission Set Up :

    • Transmission: Nissan 5 Speed Manual

    • Clutch: SPEC Stage 5 Ceramic

    • Flywheel: Clutch Masters Lightweight RB25 Steel

    • Transmission Mounts: Custom

    • Driveshaft: Custom 1 piece

    • Rear Differential: BMW 4.10 Ratio

  • Suspension Set Up:

    • Coilovers: Megan Racing Coilovers

    • Lolly Pop Bushings: Treehouse Racing

    • Adjustable Top Hats: SLR Adjustable Top Hats

    • Drift Angle Kit: SLR Ultra Drift Angle Kit

    • Steering Rack: BMW Z3 Close Ratio Steering Rack

    • Rear End Bushings: Full Rear RevShift Kit

Brakes Set up, Fuel System, & Misc.

  • Brake System Setup:

    • Brake Calipers: E46 Front Calipers, Twin E30 Rear Calipers

    • Brake Pedals: Wilwood Brake, Clutch, and Throttle Pedal Assembly

    • Brake Cylinders: Wilwood Compact Aluminum Master Cylinder

    • Brake Lines: -3an stainless braided

    • Rear Brakes: Dual OEM hydraulic calipers

    • Hydraulic Hand Brake: Stim. Tech

  • Fuel System Setup:

    • Fuel Cell: Trunk Mounted Fuel Cell - 8 gallon

    • Fuel Pump: MOSTPLUS 380LPH

    • Fuel Lines: -8AN Braided Fuel Lines

    • Fuel Pressure Regulator: ISR Performance

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Gauge Setup: Nissan Consult Application via Android Tablet

    • O2 Sensors: Innovate Motorsports Wide-band O2 Sensors

    • Wheels: ESM 004M Drift Wheels 17X8 ET25 in 5x120 (Gold Set & Silver Set)

    • Tires: Accelera 651 R Compound Rubber

    • Power-Train Lubricants (Oil, Diff. Fluid, Trans. Fluid, etc.): Lucas Oil

Engine: Nissan RB25det (500 hp)

  • Turbo: Twisted Motion GTX3076R

  • Waste-Gate: Precision External Waste-Gate (50mm)

  • Blow-Off Valve: Turbosmart Race Port Blow-Off Valve

  • ECU & Tune: LinkECU G4+ GTTLINK – NGTT+ Standalone ECU (Custom Tune)

  • Exhaust Set Up: Full Custom 3” V-Banded

  • Exhaust Manifold: Twisted Motion (Top Mount with External Port)

  • Fuel Injectors: Injector Dynamics (1050CC)

  • Valve Covers: Autech RB20 GTS-R Edition

  • Fuel Pressure Regulator: ISR Performance

  • Intake Manifold: Freddy Short Runner Intake Manifold

  • Radiator/Intercooler: Mishimoto

  • Radiator Fans: SPAL Twin 11" 808 CFM Spal Fans

  • Coolant Overflow Tank: Mishimoto Racing Coolant Overflow Tank

  • Air Filter: Treadstone- Black XL Stealth Filter

  • Wiring Harness: Wiring Specialties Pro Race Harness


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